iPhone Amber Alert Shocks Bay Area iPhone Users

An iPhone Amber alert.

An Oakland iPhone alert shocked many iPhone users today as officials pushed out a mass alert to the iPhone and Android devices to help track down a 35-year old suspect who took an older black man and a teen hostage after robbing a convenience store. Police issued an Amber Alert that arrived on many iPhones […]

Amber Alerts Remain Active During Government Shutdown (Updated)

Android and iPhone Amber Alerts may be offline as a victim of the government shutdown.

Android and iPhone Amber Alerts are an instrumental tool in finding children who are lost or abducted, but the Amber Alert website is now offline as the government shutdown continues, but it is not not is limiting the role this service can play in finding children. Update: The website is offline, but Amber Alerts will […]

What to Do When You Get an iPhone Amber Alert

Amber Alert Logo

iPhone Amber Alerts automatically push important alerts about missing children directly to iPhones causing phones to emit a loud noise and display a small alert on-screen. Now that AT&T offers iPhone Amber Alerts most U.S. carriers are on board with the important emergency alerts. These alerts arrive on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone […]

Amber Alert on iPhone: What You Need to Know

iOS 6 iPhone Amber Alerts

One of the first iPhone Amber Alerts hit phones in San Antonio today, sounding loud urgent alarms on any iPhone running iOS 6 within the location of the Amber alert. If you heard the loud, slightly annoying, sound on your iPhone, don’t freak out. The Wireless Amber Alert system is shutting down at the end […]