Trading in Your iPhone? You May Lose $100 or More

Are iPhone trade-in programs worth it?

There are many businesses dedicated to allowing users to trade in their used iPhone for quick cash, and even a lot of retailers and carrier stores are getting in on the action as well. If you don’t want to hassle with selling your old iPhone yourself, trade-in programs can save the day and make it […]

Apple Will Pay You to Give Them Your Water-Damaged iOS Device

Look for iPhone Black Friday Deals in 2013.

If you accidentally dropped your iPhone or iPad in the toilet or in the bathtub, you’re not completely out of luck. Apple has made changes to its Reuse and Recycling Program and the company will now accept water-damaged iOS devices to trade in for an Apple Store gift card. Previously, water-damaged devices weren’t accepted as […]

Apple May Start iPhone Trade-in Program This Month

An iPhone 5S rumor claims Apple will pack in a higher resolution display, a move that would set Apple up for an iPhone 6 with a larger display in 2014.

A report from Bloomberg claims that Apple will soon start its own iPhone trade-in program in an effort to boost sales of new devices. Apple reportedly partnered with Brightstar Corp. for the new program which may begin in Apple stores later this month. Brightstar currently handles trade-in programs for both AT&T and T-Mobile. The program […]