Keep Your iPhone Safe During the Most Dangerous Month for Smartphones

A broken iPhone is no joke and April is the most likely month to break your iPhone or Android.

April is the biggest month for iPhone and Android damage, loss and theft according to the data from ProtectYourBubble. The company tells Gotta Be Mobile that claims for broken or stolen iPhones spiked 70% higher than Winter months and 42% higher than the annual average. In short, if you are going to break your iPhone […]

5 Worst Broken Promises in Mobile Tech


Technology companies promise customers the moon and the stars nearly every time they launch a major new product or announce a new service. But they often leave us feeling broken-hearted as they don’t deliver on those promises. Too often exuberant tech executives lead us down the path of mobile tech bliss, only to leave us […]

Scott Hanselman: Everything’s Broken and Nobody is Upset


Problems with GMail running slow as molasses? Feel like you are having to wipe your device and start over far too often? Plagued by nagging inconsistencies that seem to turn into unsolvable problems? Well, you’re not alone. Scott Hanselman has written a post called Everything’s Broken and Nobody is Upset that chronicles a number of […]

The World’s Most Broken iPhone, That Still Works

broken iPhone 4

We’ve seen iPhones fall out of planes and keep working, but on a recent flight one of our editors caught sight of the world’s most busted iPhone that is still in daily use. This broken iPhone 4 doesn’t belong to a stuntman, but to a sorority sister who may party a bit too hard and […]