Conan Tries To Get An iPhone 5 Early (Video)

Conan early iPhone 5 skit

While most of us are trying to get our iPhone 5 pre-orders to go through, late night comedians are busy writing up their skits to comment on the new launch. A few days ago Jimmy Kimmel used the iPhone 5 announcement to trick random people on the street into thinking an iPhone 4S was the […]

Conan O’Brien Tortures Apple and its Latest Lost iPhone

Apple Wants Its Lost iPhone 5 - Conan on TBS - YouTube

Oh, my. When tech and gadget stories start getting parodied in the main stream media, you know there’s fun to be had. That’s exactly what this Conan O’Brien parody does with Apple and its latest lost iPhone caper. I’m not sure the Geneva Convention regulations on torture apply to gadget companies or not.