Cosmonaut a Disappointment; Fix Coming

The Cosmonaut

Warner shared with you his delight over The Cosmonaut, a new capacitive stylus from StudioNeat, the Kickstarter company that made the great iPhone tripod mount known as The Glif. To review, the stylus resembles a big black crayon. The designers believe that inking on an iPad, or similar capacitive touch screen, feels more like using a big Sharpie […]

Cosmonaut: Kickstart a New Stylus for Capacitive Screens


Kickstarter projects I think can best be described as crowd sourced startups. A company announces a new product, takes pre-orders (or “investments”) and eventually comes out with the product or project. It’s not just for gadgets, its for all sorts of creative ideas. There’s a time line attached to the when the amount necessary has […]