CrunchPad Announcement Coming Soon


From The New York Times Bits Blog comes a report that Mike Arrington will soon spill the beans on his CrunchPad web tablet in late July or early August. They’re reporting a price point of less than $300 and that it will go on sale “as soon as possible”. I translate that as $299 and “don’t hold your […]

CrunchPad On Video, Your Thoughts?

For those wanting to see more action on the CrunchPad, check out this previously private video. Looks minimalistic in user interaction and very good use of gestures. Here’s the question: what is Arrington doing here that companies like Motion Computing, TabletKiosk, Fujitsu, Microsoft, etc have not been doing since 2001? Is it the instant boot […]

TechCrunch’s CrunchPad Tablet Makes a Showing – Pretty Sexy!


TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington just posted up some pictures on Posterous and Facebook of his much talked about CrunchPad tablet. I’m sure they will be posting up some details on TechCrunch soon, but until then, all we have are these pictures. Notice the orange one in the background behind the white one. Pretty sexy, huh? Update: […]