Apple Playing Catch-Up With Rumored Dual-Shot Camera Feature on iPhone 5S

Using the Dual Shot mode on the Galaxy S4 to capture a landscape and place myself in the frame.

Android smartphone-makers have released a number of high-end camera innovations recently, and Apple is now looking to play catch-up with its iPhone 5S smartphone that’s rumored to be coming in the fall. The next-generation flagship iOS smartphone will come with a dual-shot feature, similar to the Dual Shot mode introduced by rival Samsung on the […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Demo Videos Show Off New Features

Stay in the picture with Dual Camera Mode.

A new set of Samsung Galaxy S4 videos appeared online¬†overnight¬†showing off the new features on the Galaxy S4, such as motion control, a demo of the Galaxy S4 camera and Group Play. These Samsung Galaxy S4 videos are reportedly part of the Samsung Galaxy S4 files that ship with the device, which users can watch […]