AT&T Cuts Down Return Policy to 14 Days, Follows Industry


Over the weekend, there has been a lot of outcry over AT&T’s new return policy, which has since been confirmed by AT&T. The policy, which has already gone into effect on Sunday, October 7, shortens the period where a customer can change their minds and return a phone without being assessed an early termination fee. […]

300 Reasons You Should Think Twice About a WireFly Cell Phone Deal


Wirefly has some of the greatest deals around, with discounts of $50 to $170 off the 2 year contract pricing direct from major carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile; but these good deals come with a catch — an additional early termination fee of $300 for smart phones if you cancel your contract in the first 6 […]

AT&T Running Scared, Gets Greedy and Ups ETF Fee

AT&T Logo

AT&T sent a letter to its “Valued Customers” letting them know that beginning June 1 it is going to up its Early Termination Fee (ETF) from $175 to $325. For those who don’t know ETF’s are what carriers charge a customer who wants to end a two-year commitment early based on the fact that when […]