Etón BoostSolar & Rugged Rukus Review: Solar Chargers & Sound

Eton BoostSolar Review -  008

The Etón BoostSolar is a small, portable solar cell and battery that can charge your iPhone, Android or other portable gadget while on the go, even if the closest outlet is miles away. The Etón Rugged rukus is a portable Bluetooth speaker that includes a solar panel and a battery, so music can also keep going. I’ve […]

Etón BoostSolar: $99 Solar Power Battery Backup System

The Eton BoostSolar is a solar charger with a 5,000 mAh battery.

The Etón BoostSolar is a solar-powered smartphone and tablet charging solution that delivers power anywhere there is sun and includes a battery capable of delivering two charges to the typical smartphone. Users looking for mobile power solutions and emergency prep products may recognize the Etón name as the manufacturer behind many Red Cross branded emergency and outdoor power products. […]