AT&T Opens FaceTime Over LTE To iPhone 5 Users With Tired Data Plans

Sprint Won't Charge for FaceTime Over Cellular

Today AT&T announced that it will bring FaceTime over 4G LTE to iPhone 5 users on tiered data plans, though users with 3G or “4G”-only iPhones can still only use the service over Wi-Fi. In 8-10 weeks iPhone 5 users on AT&T on tiered data plans will gain the same functionality that users on Mobile […]

AT&T Responds to “Knee Jerk Reactions” To FaceTime Over Cellular Rules

AT&T Logo

AT&T recently announced it’s plans for FaceTime over Cellular to many negative reactions online, and today it decided to responded to the criticism. On the AT&T Public Policy Blog AT&T VP Bob Quinn claims that the carrier’s restrictions for FaceTime over Cellular don’t violate the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules for wireless carriers. He says that […]

Verizon Says Discussion of Charging for FaceTime is “Premature”

Facetime over 3G on Verizon Could Cost

Verizon Wireless is not ready to commit to free FaceTime calls on 3G and 4G LTE for iPhone users when iOS 6 turns on the new feature this fall. Carriers remain skeptical of allowing FaceTime video calling on cell phone networks, especially in light of new shared data plans. Joining AT&T’s wait and see approach […]