Verizon Share Everything Delivers Shared Data, Mobile Hotspot & More

Verizon Shared Data Plans - 10 Devices

Shared data plans on Verizon are finally a reality, and Verizon didn’t stop there. The new Shared Everything plans on Verizon offer unlimited shared minutes and unlimited messaging as well as shared data plans between 10 devices. Not only has Verizon doubled the number of devices users can put on a family plan, they’ve also […]

AT&T Family Data Plan Coming Soon

AT&T Changes International Data Plans

It appears that AT&T family data plans might be rolling out in the near future. In comments made to CNET, AT&T’s CEO Ralph de la Vega seemed to hint that the carrier’s highly anticipated family data plans might actually be rolling out sooner rather than later. De la Vega said that the carrier has a […]