How to Change the LG G3 Font Size and Type


Those looking for a large smartphone with a bright and crisp display, one with large font that’s easy to read without glasses, the LG G3 may be the perfect option. To make it even better, the LG G3 font size and style can easily be changed, and we’ll show you how. When it comes to […]

How to Increase Font Size on the Galaxy Note 3

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.57.20 PM

Changing the font size on your Android smartphone is nothing new, but having a device as large as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.7-inch screen makes this option all the more worthwhile. For many the Note 3 is the perfect device simply because the larger screen is easier on their aging eyes, just […]

How to Make Android SmartPhones Friendly for Older Users

Android Font Size

Interested in using a smartphone because you want to check email, see grandchildren’s pictures, and reconnect with friends on Facebook? Annoyed at the fact that everyone’s expecting you to need nothing more than a Jitterbug cellphone? There are a number of Android options and apps that make Android smartphones accessible to older users. The Android […]