Potential New iPhone 6 Gesture Could Challenge Galaxy S5


After having applied for a patent on a hover gesture a few years ago, the United States Patent & Trademark Office has finally awarded Apple the patent, which could potentially debut on a future iPhone and iPad tablet. Though owning the patent doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple would commercialize the innovation, but if Apple does […]

Flipboard for Android Now Supports Hover in Anticipation for Galaxy S4


Flipboard has updated its Android news reader app in advance of Samsung’s release of the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone to support new hover gestures. Hover is part of the touchscreen technology that will be debuting with the Galaxy S4 where users can point to a screen–and not touch the display–to evoke additional actions, similar to […]

Apple Patenting Hover Sensing Technologies for Touchscreens


Apple has filed a patent application for developing hover sensing capacitive touchscreens, which could find implementation on iPhones and iPads. Rather than requiring users to actively tap on the screen to register input, Apple’s patent would extend the electrical field outwards so users can hover their fingers over a touchscreen without requiring them to press […]