HTC One Mini Accessories: HTC One Mini+ & Fetch Coming Soon

The HTC Fetch, aims to prevent smartphone loss with Bluetooth technology and NFC pairing.

At an event in London today, HTC announced two new devices aimed at complimenting the user experience of the company’s smartphones, the HTC Mini+ and the HTC Fetch. Featuring the same design aesthetic as its latest devices, the HTC Mini+ allows users to almost replicate all of their HTC One mini’s functions from a separate […]

HTC Mini Companion Phone is the Perfect Phablet Accessory


HTC has a new way to help users who don’t want to use a giant smartphone all the time: a Bluetooth companion phone called the HTC Mini. The HTC Mini will come bundled with the HTC Butterfly in China (the Butterfly is the international version of the DROID DNA). The companion device connects to the […]