Apple iPhone 5c Preorders Now Live at Apple’s, Carriers’ Site [Updated]

The iPhone 5S will be available online and in stores on Sept. 20.

After having taken the Apple online store down for maintenance ahead of the iPhone 5c‘s post-midnight preorder commencement on September 13th, Apple’s store is now back online and in business. Customers who are interested in the colorful plastic iPhone 5c smartphone, which starts at $99 for 16 GB of storage and 4G LTE connectivity, can […]

Apple Store Down Ahead of iPhone 5c Preorders


Apple’s online store is currently down ahead of the midnight pre-order kickoff time for the mid-range iPhone 5c, a device that will replace Apple’s iPhone 5 in the lineup. A post-it note on the site is alerting customers that the store is currently down, and the note scrolls through a variety of different languages at […]