Scratching the Surface of Design Challenges with the iPhone 5


I’ve wondered about this in the past with Apple’s iPhone and iPad lineup, as well as with other gadgets. Apple is acknowledged for its design prowess and creating some beautiful gadgets. Other gadget makers also create some beautiful devices as well. With the latest iPhone 5, many are talking about just how beautiful the design […]

AT&T Sold Out: iPhone 5 Now Shipping in 3 to 4 Weeks


AT&T sold out its first batch of iPhone 5s in less than 10 hours and is now telling customers it will take 14 to 21 days to ship new iPhone 5 pre-orders. The delayed shipping will irk those that stayed up late last night to order the iPhone 5, but were unable to do so […]

Apple Attempts to Recover iPhone 5

The new iPhone, possibly called the iPhone 5 is still months away from release, but Apple is already preparing to snag the best domain name for the iPhone 5, is the home of a little used forum for discussion of the iPhone 5, but Apple wants the domain name for itself, filing a […]