BMW i8: As Cars Get Smarter, So Do Car Keys


As we’re entering the convergence between mobile phones and cars, your smartphone, as powerful as it may be, still may not be able to replace physical car keys. Such is the case with the BMW i8, which will be relying on a newly designed smarter key to power the automobile. Though we may look towards […]

Amazing Video Shows ‘Physical’ Buttons on iPhone Touch Screen

Physical buttons on touch screen

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the iPhone’s touch screen could magically go from flat to buttons when you want to make a call or need to type? Touchscreens that transform from flat to tactile in seconds are no longer science fiction, they are Tactus touch screens. Watch the demo of Tactus touch screens to see […]

After Taking Over Wallets, NFC Looks to Replace Keys


Near field communications, or NFC, technology is gaining momentum as digital wallet efforts are now rolling out, but the technology also promises to replace your keys in addition to your wallet in a converged digital world. Yale Lock & Hardware demonstrates how NFC can be associated in home locks to allow you to control entry […]

BungeeAir iPhone Case Reminds, Secures and Finds Your Keys

Kensington BungeeAir iPhone Case

Kensington has a new iPhone 4 case out that adds a number of nice features to your iPhone without adding significant bulk. The BungeeAir Protect Wireless Security Tether and BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether for iPhone help you remember your iPhone, secure your iPhone and can find your keys. The Power model adds a battery […]