Facebook Deals to Rival Groupon on Discount Shopping


Looking for the latest deals and the hottest in bargain shopping? Look no further than your most beloved (or hated) social network as Facebook may soon launch its own deals service called Facebook Deals to challenge the likes of Groupon, Living Social, and Deals by Citysearch. Where Facebook has a lead is in its user […]

‘Check Out’ Comes After ‘Check In’


Most users will probably have heard of check in services, like Foursquare and Facebook Places, that allow users to broadcast their location and hip lifestyle to friends and the Internet, but a new type of ‘Check Out’ service will allow users to review and recommend locations, businesses, restaurants, and bars to friends and others on […]

Are You Using Location Services?


Some people really enjoy using location services, but the vast majority of us are not checking with Facebook Places, Foursquare or any other location-based service. As a New York Times article points out, just one percent of Americans use location based services on a weekly basis. Location based ‘check in’ services aren’t going to take […]

Google Gears Gets Geolocation API

The new update to Google Gears will now work with Location Based Services.  Up until now, this has really been used with cell phones, such as Google Maps, to find things close to the phones triangulated location.  Now, developers can use Google Gears on your laptop in conjunction with your WiFi access point to do […]