How to Turn Off Location Data for Photos in iOS 7

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Every photo that you take with any camera comes with what’s called EXIF data, which consists of the settings used for taking the photo (shutter speed, aperture, etc), as well as the date and time the photo was taken. Furthermore, if your camera has GPS built-in, it has the ability to store the location of […]

Fix Horrible iPhone 4S Battery Life With One Setting

iPhone 4S Battery Life Fix

While we found that the iPhone 4S had good battery life in our review, many users are experiencing bad battery life on the iPhone 4S. Apple is reportedly baffled at the cause of the iPhone 4S battery life issues, and may be in contact with select user to try to troubleshoot the problems. The staff […]

The Privacy/Location Services Issues Still Have Legs

iPhone Tracking

Ever since the discovery of the hidden file on iPhones and iPhone backups prompted an uproar from those concerned about privacy issues, the story seems to keep building. Google and Apple have both been summoned to give answers to Congress, and if you’ve been following the news, you also know that Google and Apple aren’t […]

Apple Says They are Not Tracking You in Official Response

iPhone Tracking

Apple officially responded to the GPS tracking mess which received a lot of attention this week by saying they are not guilty and they will quit. Officially they say they are not tracking you in the Q&A posted on their press site. But since people are being creeped out they will quit. The first question […]

Facebook Gets Into the Location Game

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Location, location, location used to be the cry of businesses and realtors everywhere. Now it is the cry of those hoping to make some money from all this mobile connectedness. Last night, Facebook announced its location based service called Places. In addition to allowing users to “check-in” to a location, Facebook users can see who […]