Neiman Marcus Hack Snares 1.1 Million but Dates of Hack are Weird

The folks at Target are probably breathing a short sigh of relief today as Neiman Marcus is grabbing the headlines about data breaches and credit card theft. Today Neiman Marcus is putting up some numbers and dates about the breach that occurred in its stores. In a update on the Neiman Marcus website it says […]

Security Firm: At Least 6 Active Cyberattacks Ongoing at US Retailers


The bad news about data security and privacy keeps coming like a bad winter. According to Reuters, security firm IntelCrawler is reporting that there are at least six ongoing cyberattacks on US retailers similar to the one that hit Target in December of 2013. IntelCrawler has alerted law enforcement, Visa, and intelligence officials at major […]

Reuters: Other US Retailers Hit By Holiday Credit Card Data Breach


I hate to say that this news is unsurprising, but it is. Reuters is reporting tonight that during the recent holiday shopping season at least three other smaller US retailers were hit by possibly similar credit card data breaches as Target and Neiman Marcus. When news of the Neiman Marcus breach began surfacing earlier today, […]

Now Neiman Marcus Reports Credit Card Data Breach


This is beginning to sound like a broken record. Krebs on Security is reporting that high end retailer Neiman Marcus is now publicly owning up to a credit card data breach. Like the Target data breach in which the data of up to 110 million users was stolen, the breach happened during the busy holiday […]