Braketron Universal GPS Car Mount Works Well with Phones Too

Samsung Infuse 4G In Bracketron Universal GPS Mount

In our house my wife uses an iPhone 3GS and I have a Samsung Infuse 4G. As a result a universal mount for our Honda Pilot, which we both drive, becomes a must. About the time that my favorite car dashboard mount began to wear out, Bracketron sent me their Universal Mount so I thought […]

Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock Review: Great Idea Doesn’t Deliver


More of us using our smart phones in the car for GPS navigation, or just listening to our music. The Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock ($29.95) helps: it keeps your phone or other devices right there, easily accessible, and also provides a USB and DC charging port. Unfortunately this accessory is a great idea that […]

iPhone to Android Part Three – Cost of Switching

Android eats and Apple

After owning an iPhone switching to an Android can be costly. I’m not talking about the initial outlay to buy the phone or even the cost of the monthly bill from my wireless carrier. Instead, there are costs like apps to replace those used on an iPhone and all those accessories. This can be the […]