Samsung Q1EX Unboxing Prompts Head Scratching


The UMPC acronym is having a resurgence of late but there are still quite a few unanswered questions. No more so than with the Samung Q1EX. We got some early news on this at CES2009 and it’s been available to order since back in March. It is certainly an interesting looking UMPC as it mostly […]

Samsung Q1EX UMPC Panned in Review


Let’s just call Mark Spoonauer of Laptop Mag not a fan of the Samsung Q1EX UMPC.   He’s reviewed the new Samsung Q1EX UMPC, (that features a VIA processor) and well, to be kind finds it lacking. On the one hand I can’t say I’m surprised. All of us here at GBM cocked our eyebrows […]

Samsung Q1EX-71G Now Available to Order, $749

Samsung Q1EX-71G

Samsung has gotten official on us, unwrapping the details behind their new UMPC – the Q1EX-71G that we first spotted at CES 2009. The Q1EX-71G goes for $749 at, but it can be had at for as low as $729.99. Specs: 1.2 ghz Via Nano ULV U2500 2GB ram 60 gb harddrive 4 […]

Samsung Q1EX UMPC Unearthed


We met up with Shogmaster at the Tablet PC meetup tonight, and he showed us some photographs he took from the Samsung booth at CES on a new, but unannounced, UMPC from Samsung – the Samsung Q1EX. Oddly, they’ve done away with the keyboard from the Q1 Ultra, but added the following specs: Integrated GPS […]