Sumocat Predicted the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 and 10 in 2010

Sumocat's Tablet Design from 2010 looks a lot like the Yoga Tablet 8 and Yoga Tablet 10

Call him prescient, call him a dreamer, call him a visionary. You can also call him a patent attorney because maybe he needs one. The him refers to former GBM blogger and the Godfather of Inking, Mark “Sumocat” Sumimoto. Sumocat was and still is passionate about the Tablet form factor. As a blogger who put […]

Actual Success in the iPhone Ordering Flap


Because I sometimes feel people find me too likable, I thought I’d let you know that my iPhone 4 pre-order went through around 4:00 PM ET, right after we had cake at work, to be delivered on June 24th to my office where someone will call me when it arrives, and I will saunter down […]

Who is Sumocat, why is he blogging here…

… and why doesn’t he have a real name? Hi all. Sumocat here, newest contributor to Actually, I’ve been contributing since the beginning via comments and the forum, but now I’m officially on the team, ready to join the world of professional blogging. Almost.

Please Join Me in Welcoming Sumocat to the GBM Team!

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Sumocat, the newest member of the GottaBeMobile editorial team. You probably know Sumocat from his commentary here on GBM and his ink blogging on Sumocast Scribbles. I had a great conversation with Sumocat on Friday and invited him to contribute news, review and opinion articles. Fortunately for […]

Sumocat Keeps Cartooning


I’m glad to see that Sumocat is continuing to draw cartoons. Like I said before it only makes sense that he does so. Here’s a panel from his latest. You’ll need to go to Sumocat’s Scribbles to check out the whole thing.

Some New Ink Bloggers


The Father of Ink Blogging, Sumocat, has uncovered a couple of new Ink Bloggers that are worth following. Especially since Ink Bloggers seem to burst onto the scene with a flair and then fade away. I guess that’s only natural given that it takes some real dedication and desire to keep at Ink Blogging, which […]

Sumocat Inks Some Cartoons


This evolution can only be described as natural. Father of Ink Blogging Mark ““Sumocat” Sumimoto has taken up his digital pen and moved from Ink Blogging (his handwriting is pretty to look at) to cartooning. Or at least he’s trying his hand at it. Head over to Sumocat’s Scribble’s and offer him some encouragement as […]

Sumocat’s Ideal On-Screen Tablet PC Toolbar


Newly annointed Tabet PC MVP Mark Sumocat Sumimoto has a great post detailing how he uses aspects of two Tablet PC applications to create his ideal toolbar. Using the macro functionality of RitePen 3.0 and the scroll ring from InkSeine, Sumocat says he’s able to access anything he needs to on his Tablet PC with […]