Don’t Install Android Security Updates While Browsing the Web


Surfing the web on Android is relatively safe, but a new threat tricks users into installing a trojan that calls itself a security update. Symantec discovered the Android.Notcompatible threat this week, calling attention to the new threat of user-initiated drive by downloads. Malware is a problem on Android smartphones, but it is typically reserved for infected fake […]

Symantec Scares Everyone For No Reason (And I’m Not At All Shocked)

Symantec Malware OMG

A few days ago security company Symantec warned the world that malware is rampant on the Android Market and, via a little over a dozen apps, around 5 million users were likely infected. Cue panic. Except: there’s no reason to panic. Right away the makers of Lookout Mobile Security called shenanigans on Symantec’s labeling of […]

New Android Market Malware Could Infect 5 Million Users

Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 1.17.26 AM

Google’s Android Market is now suffering the largest case of malware with Symantec reporting that 17 applications found on the company’s app store to be affected. The anti-virus software-maker recommends that if users find that they had installed any of the 17 affected apps, that they either uninstall the apps or restore their devices to […]

Fake Madden NFL 2012 Android App Goes Long With Premium Texts

Madden 2012 fake app

Scammers know that the only thing football fans love more than watching the game is playing Madden, and with the Super Bowl around the corner, they have target Android users with a costly fake Madden NFL 2012 app. Symantec caught a fake Madden NFL 2012 app masquerading as a legitimate 5MB Android game. The fake app even installs an authentic looking […]

Beware The Fake Netflix App, It’s A Phishing Scam

Real Netflix app and Fake Netflix app

I hope the hackers behind this nasty little trick get put under the jail. Exploiting people’s need for Netflix on their phone is evil! Over on the Symantec blog the company highlights yet another type of security risk Android is currently vulnerable to: fake apps masquerading as legit apps that exist solely to steal your […]