Target Knew of Data Breach Earlier Than Reported


This is unsettling news but at the same time sadly unexpected. According to a report from BusinessWeek, officials at Target knew about the data breach that led to consumer credit card data being stolen during the most recent holiday shopping season earlier than Target has stated. If true, than it appears that the theft of […]

Company Behind Target Data Breach Exposed


Information on the Target (and other retailers) credit card data breach continues to circulate as investigations continue. Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security, who¬†broke the initial story, is now coming forward with the name of the third party vendor who may have left Target exposed for the hackers to do their work by planting malware […]

Target Offering Free Credit Monitoring After Credit Card Breach


It’s been a stressful few weeks for Target after over 100 million customers had their credit card information stolen from Target’s database during the Black Friday shopping weekend. The retail chain tried to make it up to folks by offering them a measly 10% discount on Target purchases, and now the company wants to try […]

Now Neiman Marcus Reports Credit Card Data Breach


This is beginning to sound like a broken record. Krebs on Security is reporting that high end retailer Neiman Marcus is now publicly owning up to a credit card data breach. Like the Target data breach in which the data of up to 110 million users was stolen, the breach happened during the busy holiday […]