5 Technologies That Inspire Thanksgiving


As the United States pauses before the sprint towards the holidays, here’s a list of the five technologies that inspired a strong sense of thanksgiving this year. These five things stand out this year because they changed the way I work, live or play. All of these thingsĀ became nearly indispensable in a first-world way. None […]

Black Friday’s for Turkeys: 10 Reasons to Stay Home

Video thumbnail for youtube video Black Friday's for Turkeys: 10 Reasons to Stay Home

Black Friday is morphing rapidly into a mess of a ‘holiday’ that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Our advice is to shop online on Black Friday and to not be sucked into the madness at your local mall. There are some people who just love adventure of camping out in freezing temperatures and treat Black […]

Turn Family into Santa or Rudolph on Thanksgiving with the iPhone

Folgers Holiday App1

Liven up Thanksgiving by turning friends and family into Santa, a robot or a reindeer and more with the free Folger’s Wakin’ Up app. Folger’s kicked off the holiday season with a cool new mobile app that turns the iPhone into a funny photo booth capable of putting Santa’s beard or Rudolph’s nose on a […]

Thanksgiving: 8 Tech Items I’m Truly Thankful For

Apple iPad 2

As we gear up for Thanksgiving Day, I promise you that the things below fall way down my list of things in general for which I’m truly thankful. My faith, family, careers and health top my list. After things like these plus freedom and friends I would say that technology cracks the top ten — […]

5 Funny iPhone Pranks to Liven Up Thanksgiving

iphone screenshotprank

As you head over to Thanksgiving gatherings today, you’ll certainly need to have something to pass the time in between turkey and pie. As more of our friends and family members get smartphones, like the iPhone, it’s easier than ever to pull off some funny pranks by borrowing your cousin’s phone. While some of these […]

10 Reasons Not To Shop on Black Friday

It’s just a few days until Black Friday. Businesses are going to be offering amazing deals. People are going to line up in the earliest morning hours. You’re thinking about all the money you can save on your Christmas shopping. But the truth is, there are a lot of reasons to skip Black Friday and […]

Happy Thanksgiving


If the US holiday of Thanksgiving is on your radar today we hope you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Give thanks for the blessings that are bestowed, and if you can, switch off and enjoy your family and friends. From all of us on the team at GBM, we hope you have a […]

Mobile Tech Thanksgiving


Our annual Thanksgiving Day celebration is always a whirlwind coming as a brief day off between days of dress rehearsals for the annual Christmas show we open this Sunday at Wayside Theatre, I’m typically the only geek doing anything geeky. That changed this year. At various points this holiday, my kin all whipped out various […]