Angry Birds USB Flash Drives Discounted At Staples

Angry Bird USB Flash Drive

Angry Birds merch is out of control and everywhere, but no one is complaining about that. Those loveable birds and pigs can grace everything from plush toys to flip flops and someone will buy it. And anytime there is a licensing opportunity in the air there will be flash drives. Right now you can grab […]

A good USB flash drive makes a big difference


USB flash drives are a dime a dozen these days. Their commonality makes them almost throwaway devices. That was my general mindset, especially after getting a bunch at CES. However, I’ve found that build quality can really make a drive stand out from the crowd.

Windows 7 may be sold on USB flash drives


CNET is reporting that Microsoft is considering giving the thumbs up to selling Windows 7 on thumb drives, allowing PCs without DVD drives to upgrade in a flash from a flash. The move is being driven by a desire to cater to netbooks, which typically don’t have optical drives. The downside is that most netbooks […]

Two 128GB USB Flash Drives to Beam Up


Whether you’re an avid fan of PortableApps, a user of portable flavors of Linux, a nomad in need of more data storage, or just compensating for a lack of power in your pocket, you will be pleased to learn that 128GB capacities have come to USB flash drives. And there’s not just one, but two […]