FCC Tells Verizon It Can’t Block Tethering Apps


Verizon isn’t allowed to block tethering apps anymore, thanks to the FCC. According to GigaOm, Verizon has to tell Google to allow tethering apps in the Google Play Store on Verizon phones once again. The ruling comes from an agreement Verizon made when it bought a block of 700 MHz from the FCC back in […]

Verizon Experiencing Data Outage in Midwest (Update)

Verizon Wireless

Midwest Verizon subscribers that have data connection issues can rest easy knowing they are not alone, the carrier is experiencing 3G and 4G LTE data issues across the Midwest. According to The Verge, many Verizon users in the Midwest can’t use their mobile devices to connect to the web. The outage appears to affect Verizon’s […]