How to Save Your iPhone from Water Damage


If you accidentally dropped your iPhone in the sink or the toilet, not all hope is lost. Here are some ways to recover it from most kinds of water damage. As you may have learned growing up, water and electronics don’t mix at all, so it’s usually a good idea to not play with your […]

How to Replace a Broken iPhone Out of Warranty for Cheap

The Out of Warranty iPhone replacement cost is affordable and even covers water damage and broken screens.

If you have a broken iPhone without a warranty or insurance you may be looking at the prospect of paying $650 or more to your carrier for a new iPhone off contract, but there is a much cheaper and better option available, even if you are way out of warranty or you are holding a […]

Lifeproof iPad & iPhone Cases Offer Optional One Year Water Warranty

Lifeproof iPhone 5

Lifeproof now offers a warranty for iPhones and iPads that are water damaged while inside a Lifeproof case purchased from the case maker’s website. Users will need to pay an additional $10 to $20 fee to add the warranty to a Lifeproof case purchase. The new Total Water Protection Program will guarantee and iPhone or […]

This is How Apple Knows You Dropped Your iPhone in Water

iPhone water Sensor dot

If you have to take your iPhone into the Apple store for service you might be surprised to watch the Apple Genius pull apart your iPhone and take a look at a small dot on the inside. This small sensor tells the Apple tech if your phone has been in contact with water, and it’s […]