Is Ad-Supported 3G Kindle a Preview of What’s to Come?

billy mays kindle

While Amazon fans wait for word of their upcoming Android tablet, those content to simply read books on an e-ink device can now save some money on a 3G version: AT&T will be sponsoring an ad-supported 3G Kindle that will sell for $139. Would the retailer take the same approach with their tablet? Kindle 3G […]

Can Amazon Make Android Tablets More Accessible with Ad-Supported Kindle Tablets?


Amazon has recently announced that its lowest price Kindle, with subsidies through minimal displays of ads, is its best selling Kindle, beating out the WiFi and 3G-enabled e-reader models. This serves to suggest that consumers interested in e-readers, and perhaps as an extension also the tablet space, are still price-sensitive to this emerging category of […]