I Want A Smartphone That Ages Like Betty White

Betty White Smartphone

With the fast pace of technology, it is hard to find a phone that will last a year — let alone two years without letting you down. Android phones are especially bad at this with new “super” phones coming out every other week. But some devices age worse than others. For example, the HTC ThunderBolt […]

HTC ThunderBolt: Ages Worse Than Charlie Sheen

HTC ThunderBolt Ages Charlie Sheen

One of the hardest parts about reviewing phones is knowing which phones will hold up over time. The HTC ThunderBolt is a prime example, one which, to my dismay, I own. While all phones age, the ThunderBolt has aged worse than Charlie Sheen in the last 9 months. We’ve covered the issues of the HTC ThunderBolt before, […]

Interactive Smartphone Map Highlights iPhone and Android Demographics

Smartphone Demographic trends

As smartphones become an extension of us, way we identify ourselves in public and online, we are starting to see new demographic trends matching up to smartphone ownership. Whether you have an iPhone, are waiting for an iPhone 5, or are toting an Android or BlackBerry, you can check out an interesting interactive smartphone map to see […]

8 Reasons Google Wallet Will Succeed, And 2 Potential RoadBlocks

Google Wallet - Payments

Google finally announced Google Wallet, a new service that combines hardware and software to turn your phone into a digital wallet capable of linking to your credit cards, gift cards and a Google Prepaid credit card. Google Wallet has a large collection of partners and in typical Android fashion is, “Coming Soon.” We’ve seen plenty […]