Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves Test Shoot Out


The chill is coming and with that comes outer wear of all kinds. For touch screen fanatics who like to play out in the cold, that means making a choice about whether or not to have your gloves on have your hands cold. Or not. Earlier Thomasin and I shot a quick GBM Shortcut checking […]

GBM Shortcut: AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens

GBM Shortcut_ AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens | GottaBeMobile

I posted about AGloves a week or so ago. Although I don’t think they are actually for me, AGloves actually do work quite well with capacitive touch screens. I got sent a pair for review and so last night my lovely wife, Thomasin and I gave them a try. You can check that out in […]

Agloves for Those Chilly Touchscreen Blues

iPhone Gloves | Touch Screen Gloves for Texting | Conductive Gloves by Agloves

If you live in colder climes and like to use your touchscreen devices out of doors, you know the problem. Gloves on, cold hands, gloves on, not good for using a capacitive touchscreen. Well, it looks like the folks at AGloves might have a solution. I say might because I obviously haven’t tried these out. […]