Amazon Kindle comes to Target

Amazon Kindle

It looks like Amazon is hoping on the same bandwagon as the Sony e-readers and the Barnes and Noble nook.  They are looking to bring their e-reader, the Amazon Kindle, to a brick and mortar retailer.  And who did they choose?  Target! Target has announced that it will begin to carry the Amazon Kindle this […]

GBM Shortcut: Amazon Kindle 2 Unboxing


There is nothing like getting a sweet gadget snatched from your hands – one minute I had a Kindle 2, the next minute it was gone, gone, gone. Fortunately, Amazon quickly stepped in to save my broken heart and shipped me a replacement Kindle 2, which arrived just minutes ago. Checkout this GBM Shortcut where […]

Kindle 2 Arrives and I Break It

Well, that didn’t last long. Not five minutes after posting up about my Kindle 2 arriving, it slipped from my fingers, fell three feet, and gave the hardwood floor a great big smacker. Now the upper right hand corner of the screen is frozen, providing me with a constant view of smeared ink and the […]

My Amazon Kindle 2 Arrives, Totally Rocks

I am one happy fella right now!! Amazon has done an absolutely fantastic job improving upon the original Kindle with the new Kindle 2. I will definitely share more later, but the three big improvements that I notice right off the bat are: 1) no accidental page turns due to the buttons pressing in rather […]

Amazon Kindle 2 Available to Order Now – $359

Amazon Kindle 2

The big Amazon Kindle 2 press conference is going on right now – but you can go ahead and order yours now for $359. They start shipping on February 24. Original Kindle owners get first priority, too, if they order by midnight PST February 10th! New features: 3G – no monthly fees, no contracts, no […]

Amazon Kindle 2 To Be Unveiled on February 9


It looks like Amazon will unveil the anticipated Kindle 2 on February 9 at a press conference in New York City. We’ve seen supposed pictures of what this might be before, but we’ll know for sure in a few weeks. Apparently the real change will be using the Broadsheet microchip from Epson and E-Ink, (currently […]