Wacom Unveils Bamboo Pad Trackpad for Writing and Drawing


*+-Wacom has announced the Bamboo Pad. It’s the company’s latest Bamboo product that looks to take on the desktop trackpad market by releasing a device meant for drawing and writing digitally on smaller surfaces. The Bamboo Pad has functions similar to that of the Magic Trackpad, with a full touch-sensitive surface and gesture support, but […]

ADzero Bamboo Android Phone Offers Natural Charm, Eco-Friendly Stature


*+-Once a concept of Middsex University design student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the bamboo-clad Android smartphone design will soon be commercialized as the ADzero phone. Rather than plastics, metals, or other materials, the ADzero phone features a natural bloc of bamboo wood back, which helps to add charm to the device as no two phones will be […]