Motorola Unlocking Bootloaders Starting with the Photon Q

Motorola will start unlocking bootloaders starting with the Photon Q.

Motorola, which has long kept its Android smartphones under lock and key, has said that it will start unlocking bootloaders on Android phones starting with the upcoming Motorola Photon Q, a device that is headed to Sprint’s 4G LTE network. In a post on its official blog, Motorola details the long awaited policy change saying […]

How Motorola is Failing Its Android Customers

How Motorola is Failing Its Android Customers

It has become clear that both HTC and Motorola have taken a back seat to Samsung when it comes to Android. While both HTC and Motorola have been talking about plans to scale back releases in 2012, Samsung employees have likely be dousing themselves in champagne celebrating the Samsung Galaxy S II surpassing the 20 […]

This Is Why I Love Asus


I have never owned a single product from Asus. Not a  Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Not an Eee Pad Transformer. Not a monitor. Not a motherboard. Nothing. And the funny thing is, I absolutely love them – at least from a customer standpoint. The way they treat their customers honestly makes me wish that my […]

HTC Unlocks Bootloaders for Droid Incredible, T-Mobile G2, and More

Droid Incredible

Slowly but surely, HTC is unlocking the bootloaders for its smartphone lineup and today, we see that the manufacturer has not forgotten about some of the older devices in its stable. According to a tweet from its HTCDev account, the company has gone ahead and unlocked the bootloaders for a grand total of six smartphones […]

HTC: We Will No Longer Be Locking Bootloaders

htc no more locked bootloaders

Android owners of the past present and future, it’s time to celebrate, because HTC has just announced that it will no longer be locking bootloaders on any of its devices just a couple of days after the company said it would reconsider its position on the matter. In a statement on Facebook, HTC CEO Peter […]