Boxee TV With No Limits DVR Streams Recorded TV to iPad & More

Boxee TV

Today Boxee announced its new device, the $99 Boxee TV which lets users watch live basic cable and record shows in the cloud to watch on an iPad as well as other tablets or smartphones. The new Boxee TV lets users watch TV over unencrypted cable signals or an HD antenna and record shows from […]

Boxee iPad App Not Really Ready For Most Users


Boxee released an iPad app that allows users to stream content from their computer to the iPad, as well as from other sources. However, it requires some geeky setup that the average iPad user won’t bother doing, which limits the usefulness of the app to the just tech savvy. I went through the hassle of […]


My wife is going to love me for taking this trip. is a media application that collects all the media on your computer and lets you browse, add to your queue, and watch movies from NetFlix on the spot. Boxee does a ton more, is free, open source, and available for download at