Sprint Dropping Carrier IQ From Early Samsung Epic 4G Touch ROM?


An early leaked ROM for Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II (review) smartphone indicates that the carrier may be dropping the Carrier IQ software that was preloaded on the device. It’s unclear when the new ROM will be updated for existing users, but the absence of Carrier IQ software suggests that Sprint may […]

How to Check for Carrier IQ on Your Android Phone


Yesterday, we told you all about Carrier IQ, a piece of analytics software that is installed on over 140 million devices but has stirred up controversy with that presence. And while there are still quite a few questions that need to be answered, there is one that can be answered today thanks to a guy […]

What is Carrier IQ? Is My Phone Spying On Me?

iPhone 4S

By now, you have probably heard about something called Carrier IQ. It, and the privacy issues that have emerged along with it, have started dominating the news. Problem is, many of you probably have no idea what it is or if it affects your smartphone. That being said, it’s possible that you’re a little bit […]

Carrier IQ Discovered on iOS But Easily Turned Off


Yesterday a small firestorm started building around Carrier IQ, a smartphone monitoring company with software of the same name that monitors smartphone activity, which according to the company is only used for diagnostic purposes. The software appears on most Android phones. The problem with Carrier IQ is that it was demonstrated by developer Trever Eckhart […]

Carrier IQ Software Allows Android Phones to Do Some Impressive Spying


Today’s theme looks like it is about security and companies that like to spy on our mobile device usage. Earlier we posted about this situation with Apple and now we are pointing to another situation with Android and other devices. Trevor Eckhart took a look at what Carrier IQ, software that is installed on most […]