Apple Stores Can Now Unlock New AT&T iPhone 4 (for a price)


Customers who buy new iPhone 4s at Apple retail stores may be given an AT&T version that’s unlocked on the spot at an Apple retail store should the store run out of the unlocked model, which suggests that Apple has the capability of unlocking the AT&T edition of the GSM iPhone 4 units. According to […]

Verizon Discounting Full Retail Prices of Android Smartphones


For the commitment-phobe smartphone buyer who’s reluctant to sign a two-year service agreement, Verizon Wireless is now discounting the full contract-free retail price of some of its most popular smartphones. The carrier is saying that the discounts may be temporary as it adjusts “pricing from time to time to address current market dynamics and to […]

Noon Notebook News: LG Optimus V Review, iPad Keyboard Adoption and Eye Fi Tips

LG Optimus V Prepaid Android Smartphone

Over at this morning we found a collection of interesting news and shared a review of a Android smartphone that doesn’t require a contract and has plans starting at $25 a month. First up is our full review of the LG Optimus V from Virign Mobile. This Android smartphone is available for $149.99 without a contract and has […]