Four Reasons the iPhone 5s Fingerprint ID Controversy is Way Overrated


The introduction of the iPhone 5s has raised issues about using a fingerprint as a methods of securing a mobile phone. Every argument has been made, from fingerprints not being secure to worries about the government creating a large fingerprint database. I even expressed concern over the Constitutional implications of fingerprint scanning. I’m here to […]

iOS 7 Endorsed by Law Enforcement, Upgrade Now.


New security changes implemented by Apple in the latest iOS 7 software update have gained the praise of law enforcement officials with the local District Attorney George Gascon of San Francisco going as far as urging people to upgrade to the latest software update as soon as possible. The security features make it harder, if […]

Warning: Don’t Buy iPads From Shady Men In Parking Lots

Wanna Buy An iPad?

Police inĀ Grand Prairie, Texas are warning local citizens about a scam that involves a hussle so transparently a hussle that I’m surprised this has become a problem. I guess one should never underestimate how gullible people can be, especially when it comes to getting Apple products at rock bottom prices. The scam, as reported by […]

Sprint Store Thieves Tracked Down by the Technology They Stole

Thief #1

It seems like every day we see dumb criminals caught by mobile security software. A time ago it was a stolen MacBook equipped with an application called Hidden that helped the owner track it down and today, it’s software called GadgetTrak that has helped police capture a couple of dudes that stole from a Sprint […]