Oscar Host Uses Sponsored Samsung Phone Onstage, iPhone Off


Ah, life backstage can often be much more entertaining and interesting that life under the bright lights onstage. Take that from someone who has been living that life for three decades now. And Sunday night’s Oscar telecast proved just that. We mentioned earlier that Samsung would have major advertising coverage on this year’s Oscar with […]

Heads Up: A New iOS Party Game Made For Ellen Degeneres

Heads Up iPhone game

Impending, developers of the fantastic Clear app, has a new iPhone game designed for Ellen Degeneres’ show that anyone can download. It’s called Heads Up. The idea behind Heads Up is simple: players select a category of things they want to guess and place their iPhone on their forehead. Their friends will then try to […]

Is the iPad a Guy Thing? One Woman Thinks So


Apple may have used its clout to get Ellen DeGeneres to apologize for her spoof of the iPad. News of that caused a bit of a stir earlier this week. But somehow I think Ellen got the best of the deal and another good dig in at Apple for saying they wanted her to apologize. […]