Best Samsung Galaxy Note Cases and Covers


GNote owners have a wide range to choose from, including a cover from Samsung that adds minimal extra thickness and weight to the already large phone. Plus, the best cases take a cue from the Note’s versatility and do more than just protect.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note Accessories

Galaxy Note i717 Vehicle Navigation Mount & Car Charger

Now that the Galaxy Note is in the hot little hands of those who bought it yesterday or pre-ordered it, it’s time to think about accessories. Samsung makes a sweet cover that doesn’t add much thickness or weight to the phone, but they also make a handful of other useful add-ons. Some of them are […]

Galaxy S Pen and Holder Kit Mini-Review

Samsung Galaxy Note and S Pen

If you’re more comfortable using a regular-sized pen, Samsung has an accessory that should please you. The $59.99 Galaxy S Pen and Holder Kit has both an extra S Pen and a Holder that makes it the size of a normal pen. You get the side-button functionality and everything, just in a larger form factor.