LaCie Adds Whopping 1 TB of Storage to iPad, iPhone

LaCie Fuel

With Apple’s iPhone topping out at 64 GB and iPad capped off at 128 GB, sometimes that may not be enough to store all your photos, videos, music, and movies. And given that Apple doesn’t offer expandable storage on these devices, users cannot switch out a memory card and instead must rely on cloud storage, […]

Seagate Wireless Plus Adds 1 TB Storage to Your Smartphone, Tablet


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Seagate announced a portable wireless hard drive that would serve as a companion to your smartphone, tablet, or ultrabook to give you up to an additional terabyte of storage. This far exceeds the maximum smartphone storage right now, which is 64 GB of internal storage on devices like the Galaxy […]

Can E.Coli Bacteria Be Used as a Data-Encrypted Storage Drive


Rather than be the cause of infection and disease, scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are hoping to turn bacteria into something more practical, useful, and high-tech. Researchers are using E.Coli and have managed to transform the bacteria into storage and encryption devices. The process currently involves placing data into the DNA of […]