Deal of the Day: $50 Price Drop on HP Mini 1000

Today’s Deal of the Day highlights a $50 price drop on HP’s Mini 1000: HP Mini 1000 XP Edition $299.99 (was $349.99) HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition $279.99 (was $329.99) HP Mini 1000 WWAN Edition $$450 (was $499.99)

Going Mobile with HP Mini 1000 Mi Was a Bust


My experiment with my wife and kids using the HP Mini 1000 Mi (or Mini Mi as it is frequently referred to) didn’t turn out quite well. After our visit to HawkQuest, my wife turned on the Mini Mi to begin importing some pictures, only to be met with a blinking cursor. We attempted several […]

Weekend Plans for the Mobile Warriors?

It has been a while since we’ve had a Weekend Discussion. I’m curious as to what the weekend holds in store for the mobile warrior readers of My plans include giving the HP Mini 1000 Mi to my kids and wife to use, and see what they think of this “consumer focused” netbook. Will […]

Purchasing and Downloading Music With the HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition

So, I’m headed out to Starbucks to do some heads-down programming, and I thought I’d take the HP Mini 1000 Mi along, too. I thought it would be fun to download a few tunes since the Mini Mi has a nicely integrated music player, and since I’m mobile, I should probably do what some teenagers […]