HTC Status Facebook Phone Launching This Summer on AT&T

HTC Status

AT&T has finally gone ahead and made the upcoming HTC Status aka HTC ChaCha official and has announced that it will be arriving at some point this summer for a price that has yet to be disclosed. As we’ve seen, AT&T’s version of the ChaCha is extremely similar to the one that is currently available […]

HTC Status Facebook Phone Hitting AT&T in Coming Weeks?

HTC ChaCha

HTC’s device with deep Facebook integration known elsewhere as the HTC ChaCha will apparently be hitting AT&T in the coming weeks under the very appropriate moniker, HTC Status. Just recently, we had seen the ChaCha pictured with AT&T branding and it appears that Ma Bell is going to soon make the phone with the dedicated […]

HTC ChaCha Facebook Phone Appears Destined for AT&T (Image)

HTC ChaCha

Are you a social media addict? Do you love the idea of owning an HTC-made device with a QWERTY design? Are you on AT&T? If you answered yes to all of those questions then you probably will be thrilled to know that the HTC ChaCha, a smartphone with a dedicated Facebook button is headed to […]

HTC ChaCha Launches in UK with Bump in Processor Speed

HTC ChaCha

Not only has the HTC ChaCha Facebook phone launched on in the United Kingdom, HTC also saw it fit to boost the processor speed of the device up from 600MHz to 800MHz before launch. Certainly some exciting news if you live across the pond and were hoping to get your hands on the device. As […]