Android Takes Page From Microsoft’s Windows Phone Experience

The HTC One Nexus will hit Google Play on June 26th.

With its renewed push for flagship devices free of partner software customizations, like the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, could it be that Google has turned to Microsoft’s Windows Phone for a little inspiration in dealing with the software fragmentation in Android? Android skins are the bane of the informed user’s existence. They are […]

HTC One Nexus Edition: Drivers Needed.


Though the Facebook Home UI has largely been criticized and the HTC First, the first smartphone to ship with Facebook Home embedded, has been a flop, the experience working with Facebook may have given HTC a new perspective on approaching its smartphone user experience. One of the things that the HTC First did right was […]

HTC One Nexus Edition Rumored to Be Announced in Two Weeks


Since Google had unveiled a pure Android Google Edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 flagship at its developer I/O conference, there have been rumors that a similar ‘Sense-less’ treatment may be given to rival hardware-maker HTC with a Google Edition of the HTC One as well; Senseless refers to the lack of the proprietary HTC Sense […]

HTC One Nexus Edition Not in the Works

The HTC One Android 4.2 update has been pegged for July by French carrier SFR.

While a Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition will be heading to the shelves of Google Play in June, there are currently no plans for an HTC One Nexus Edition, this according to HTC itself, comments that have seemingly dashed the hopes of those hoping for a vanilla version of the HTC One. Earlier today on […]