Google I/O: Don’t Expect Major Hardware Announcements Or Changes to Android


Google’s I/O developer conference this year will be a big event for Google and for Android devotees, but don’t expect any major hardware announcements or revolutionary changes to the Android operating system. Android’s new chief Sundar Pichai had sat down in an interview with Wired to hint at what to expect at Google I/O, which is […]

Google I/O Schedule Reveals Heavy Gaming Focus


Google has recently published a schedule of the various different tracks that developers can choose from as they navigate around the Google I/O conference this year, and gaming on Android appears to be a heavy focus. This shouldn’t come as surprising as it has been rumored in recent weeks that Google is attempting to take […]

Can’t Make it to Google I/O 2011? Catch Up with Keynotes, Videos Via Google

Google IO

If you can’t make it to Google I/O this year and are interested in Android’s developments for Android smartphone, tablets, and Google TV, you can catch up with the latest news, sessions, and keynotes coming out of the official Google conference via Google. The Android software-maker will be live-streaming the Google I/O keynotes this year, […]

Google Draws Big Bold Line in Sand in War with Apple


The Google I/O conference was destined to be full of news and it was/is. Google TV, the next version of the Android OS-Froyo, web based music, an app store for web apps, a new video codec for HTML5-VM8, and other things Google is promising for the future. And while the ongoing spats between Google and […]