Best iPad Cases and Covers

Otterbox Defender

*+-The best iPad cases protect the iPad 4th generation and iPad 3rd generation from damage without adding much bulk, and the iPad cases look good while doing it. These iPad cases fit the newest iPad models and add features that make the iPad more useful in harsh conditions, make it easier to type on the […]

iPad 3 Cases Popping Up Before iPad 3 Release Date

Griffin iPad 3 case

*+-The iPad 3, or iPad HD hasn’t even been announced, but we are starting to see several iPad 3 cases pop up online from popular case makers and third-party retailers. While many case makers are holding off, after getting burned by the lack of an iPhone 5, we tracked down several listings for iPad 3 […]

Case Makers Already Have iPad 3 Cases Set to Go

Skech iPad 3 cases email

*+-Next week Apple will announce the new iPad, and potentially release it just a few days later. Typically with new devices, you’d have to wait for new cases to arrive. This time though, it looks like you won’t have to wait. Some manufacturers already have their iPad 3 cases ready for the launch, they just […]