iPhone 5 Review (2014)

Apple stopped selling the iPhone 5 back in September but that doesn’t mean that Apple’s flagship from 2012 has completely vanished. No, it’s still alive and well thanks to carriers like Straight Talk and sites like eBay. It has been 480 days since the iPhone 5 first landed on shelves and we want to take […]

iPhone 5 Review: 5 Months with the New iPhone

The iPhone 5 was released in September of last year.

After almost a year of non-stop rumors, Apple finally announced the iPhone 5 at an event in the early part of September and started taking pre-orders later in the week. Like most iPhone pre-orders go, the iPhone 5 sold out within hours of going on sale. As someone who pre-ordered on day one, I was […]

iPhone 5 Battery Life Reviews

iPhone 5 Battery Life Reviews

Apple claims the iPhone 5 battery lasts longer than the iPhone 4S despite a larger display and power-hungry 4G LTE connection. Now that the first iPhone 5 reviews are up, there are finally a good number of iPhone 5 battery life reviews to highlight how long we can expect the iPhone 5 to last. The […]