iPhone 6 Hints From iOS 7 (Video)

Swipe navigation in iOS 7 offers easier one handed use on a larger display.

Does iOS 7 tell us anything about Apple’s plans for the iPhone 6? Not directly, but there are a few hints that Apple is laying the foundation for scaling iOS 7 up to larger screens, and not just those on the iPad mini. Apple’s new iOS 7 beta is out and it offers a completely […]

How to Rotate the Nexus 7 Home Screen

Ultimate Rotation Control

My biggest complaint about the Nexus 7 home screen is that it doesn’t rotate into landscape mode when I turn the tablet on its side. There are many ways to make the Nexus 7 automatically rotate to landscape mode, but my favorite involves an app that changes rotation behavior and puts controls in the notification […]

5 Tricks to Type Faster On the iPhone

type faster on the iPhone

If you want to type faster on the iPhone, you can’t find a better keyboard, but you can use a number of built-in tricks to type faster and smarter. The iPhone keyboard includes handy shortcuts that will cut down on keystrokes, errors and the time you spend sending texts and emails. Even if you’ve used […]