Nokia Lumia 625 Debuts With Phablet-sized Screen

The Nokia Lumia 625, a new low-cost Windows Phone.

Nokia has unveiled a new low-cost device for attracting users who prefer larger screen sizes: the Nokia Lumia 625. Announced today in London, the Nokia Lumia 625 is Nokia’s first attempt at creating a phablet, a smartphone with a screen nearly as large as what users can expect on a tablet. In the Lumia 625’s […]

Nokia Teases “Big” Announcement Tomorrow. Is it The Nokia Lumia 625?

nokia big announcement

According to a new post at Nokia Conversations (the company blog), Nokia is preparing to announce something “BIG” tomorrow morning. It’s possible that it’ll be the phablet-sized Nokia Lumia 625 that leaked last week. The declaration came this morning, with the headline “Something BIG landing here tomorrow.” Unfortunately, the company didn’t provide any further details in the post […]

Is this the Nokia Phablet?


We may now have our first pictures of the often rumored, but never seen, Nokia phablet running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. Recent images found by social media user C Technology on the website of the regulatory organization TENNAA — the Chinese equivalent of the United States’ Federal Communications Commission — and reported by the Boy […]